It is no mystery that the Oakland Raiders hold a special spot in most of the California gang culture, after all black and grey are super intimidating colors when paired with thousands of pounds of moving muscle. While the team itself has no problem aligning itself with this culture, the NFL is not fond of the implications behind having gangs identifying with one of their brands.

“The problem stands with this, one gang has identified with the Raiders, do you think the opposing gang is going to align with them too? No, of course not, now we have a bunch of gangs running around pretending to be football teams.”

This years murder-bowl located in central California has four teams playing. The ‘Raiders’, ‘Sixty-Niners’, ‘Chargers’ and ‘Titties’ (Named after the titans.) They are all located in the West/South-west region of the United States.

But for those not in the know, murder-bowl is where 20 of a gangs best men are sent to central California to fight out their turf wars and personal beefs in a no-holds barred game of football, in which melee weapons are allowed and no protective padding.

Police officers have been sent to the scene for several years in a row now but to quote every single officer who has arrived there “This is the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen.” There is no way it can be stopped because it is far superior to the actual superbowl (see halftime show.)

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Scott Tick is a huge fan of raiding parties.