It’s hard to write this article. My palms are sweaty, eyes dilated, heart rate…. off the charts. This trailer for the Batman vs Superman movie is too awesome. Every frame of it, all of the dialogue are all so amazing and comic-booky that it creates such a jolt of excitement in the body.

A sporadic outbreak of heart attacks have peppered the nation after the release of the new and final trailer. Several youngsters have been admitted to the hospital foaming at the mouth, presumably either spit or cum depending on how excited they were at the trailer.

It has the appearance to come in waves, based on the realization of information. There are those seeing the trailer for the first times, those happy that the trailer actually looks good and those that realize the movie is only a month away.

It’s only a month away….*

*Editor’s Note: This was the status of the article when it was sent in to me by a third-party associated with Buck Teefis, unfortunately the young lad is in the hospital so we are publishing the article as-is to help him with his medical payments because we are not going to invest in healthcare for a freelance writer.

Buck Teefis has been an ‘entertainment’ writer for a long time, he’s a damn fine man.