One of my favorite filmmakers, Michael Moore, has made pretty much the greatest film since his last film.

Moore takes a look at the various nations in the world that America can possibly conquer. Presented is a delicious strategy to bend the various non-American banner wavers to our mighty will.

Moore is relentless in his pride for his country when he gloriously stages the invading of other countries. His editing is marvelous, as is always. He can carefully construct a narrative that wasn’t there before, turning fiction into reality. Never have I seen such craftsmanship in filmmaking. Most people hire actors and write a script, but he just edits the film until it perfectly tells a tale of right-wing hysteria.

And this film, to promote our proud nation’s taming of the volatile planet, does it best. He goes so big, even bigger than Fahrenheit 9/11. It’s more like Celsius 2012.

Charlie Countryguy is a huge fan of knowing the wrong thing but doing the right.