Lionel Messi, some say he is the greatest player alive right now. Messi certainly has the awards to back that statement up, I mean look at it:


That blurry image is what happens when you google ‘Messi awards.’ Multiple player of the year awards from around the globe. He truly is the pride player of Spain at the very least.

Yet Spain, for three years, has held a ‘player of the month’ award and this is now the first month that Messi has been placed. In February, the shortest month.

Is that how you are going to treat arguably the greatest player of any sport who has ever lived? He’s like the Gretzky, the Kobe, the Manning (both) of Soccer and you’re going to give him a measly 28 days?!

I once saw Messi kick a mans head off.

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Scott Tick doesn’t watch Soccer nor does he know what it is about.