The corporate media is reporting about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia being dead, which is pretty convenient for the timing, considering that the Democratic primaries are going on as we speak.

I don’t buy it. The only reasonable way he could be dead is if the government killed them himself, but I doubt it since those reptilian bastards are practically immortal. I’m not saying the whole shape-shifting theory is correct, but it’s a reasonable one that I consider when shifting for answers.

Likely, Scalia is an actor, or multiple ones, playing the role of a man supposedly making Supreme Court decisions. In reality these decisions are not being made by bishops in robes, they’re being made by a far more sinister leader. One that we have no real conceptualization of. If we see it, we wouldn’t even notice anything out of the ordinary. That’s what pains me about this news. Scalia isn’t dead, his character is. The actors are off enjoying their fancy cuisines in Barcelona or some beautiful city outside of the US. And we’re all just a bunch of sheep believing in it.

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Dumfa Terde is probably very wrong on this one.