The Federal Government are hard at work to create a bot that scans Reddit and Facebook alike looking for memes that it declares as being ‘Too Dank.’ The feds believe these memes to be the root of all evil for our youth.

“When a meme becomes far too dank, it can cause what is known as acute corruption inside the brain. This is because dank memes are so funny, but too dank memes happen when there is an edge of cynicism to them, these directly corrupt and erode at the cuteness part of the brain. Too much dank memes can result in people doing drugs or beating the shit out of puppies.”

Ted Crus (Ted Cruz’s doppelganger for legal reasons) has been an avid supporter of this cause and is using it on his campaign platform for the republican nomination stating that: “Our Youth is incorrigible!” Which nobody has alerted him yet that the word he is looking for is incorruptible.

More about the Meme Tracker

Taylor Tinker is good friends with Charlie Countryguy, so he’s pro-Trump.