Kanye West is (apparently) 53 million dollars in debt and has told twitter all about it. Kanye West, shortly after admitting his (apparent) money problems, has started to beg Mark Zuckerberg, from Facebook, to help pay for his debt because Mark is a billionaire. Kanye then asks Mark to invest a billion dollars into Kanye’s ideas because he has had a plan for four years with no investors. Kanye finalizes by saying that Zuckerberg listens to his music and is a big fan, maybe he should pony up. Also, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone Magazine should stop trying to review black people music. (By the way, Pitchfork gave his new album a 9 out of 10.)

This isn’t a particularly lengthy article, I will admit that, but you all should definitely stroll over to Kanye’s twitter throughout the day and bring a lot of popcorn. Oh by the way, have I mentioned that his new album is an exclusive album to Tidal. TIDAL! We make up over 90% of our stories and all of us here think that’s pretty far fetched, if he needs money problems he can write for us anytime.

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