A New York Judge was driving on her way to the courtroom earlier today when she was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.  The police officer, who was played by Richard Beizer of course looked out at the skylight after she was placed in the car and says “Over ruled!”

After the judge was heavily interrogated as to both A) How many sex crimes has she committed and B) Where is the body? She eventually cracked and said that she had two bloody mary’s before she left. To which Ice-T said “You mean to tell me that a judge for the court is getting drunk the same way that a successful business person would get drunk in high stress occupations?”

After her self-representational trial where the judge was also herself, we find that she is ultimately sentenced to jail but not before teaching the audience a subtle lesson on the duality of law and order, before cutting to commercial so everyone can forget that shit and buy the newest sandwich from Arby’s.

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