The United States government are currently asking Apple to tap into their database for the case regarding the San Bernadino shooter in which case the tech monolith has responded with a casual “Nah dog, I’m good.”

In a series of back and forths we have seen that Apple extended it like this. “Yo, Government. If you borrow my info this one time, who’s to say you aint gonna just take it next time and who knows when you gonna give it back to us y’know?”

The government doesn’t like this, calling it dissent and being all like: “Daw, we just need it this one time, cause it’s super incriminating stuff, I promise dowg, we never gonna ask again.”

Apple then be all like “But the precedent it’s gonna set will justify it into being a norm, that aint the kinda world we wanna live in.”

Then the government be like: “Pretty please.”

To which Apple finalizes with “Nah.”

Then they wrote a letter explaining the entire thing with real fancy language. You can read that here.

Harry Buhte isn’t messing around, his iPhone 3 is prone to hacking.