League of Legends have announced their first major North American Tournament to take place over the course of one month. End of September to the End of October.

The tournament, which has been the effort of multiple third-parties to push League, is already stated to not be as good as Dota2. So they’re not even going to try.

When we compare the arena sizes, we find that TI5’s tournament was in a much larger and overall much better venue. Riot Games has chosen a rinky dink venue in Chicago, which is clearly a sign of inexperience as the fairly new player doesn’t know how to go up against the big dogs.

The International is expected to totally gank League right out the gate so that they never try to launch a similar contest again, the name of the game here is shock-and-awe or gank-and-kite.

More about Leagues new tournament.

Scott Tick frankly has never really known anything about League.