Donald Trump has been taking command of the Republican party, and considering that most millennials are star struck by Bernie Sanders, Trump has probably spoken mostly to the large, yet not majority, of Republican voters that pretty much hate everyone.

Sanders could have gotten any of the young Republicans building up student loans, and of course those guys are self-interested enough to not give a fuck about a political party that gives such a fuck about rich people and tricks poor people into thinking that “working hard” is all you have to do to live comfortably.

And all the white supremacists that go third party probably like Trump enough to get their vote.

And then there’s the average minded people, that mostly just like candidates for their personalities, and Trump has such an unstoppable comeback skill that makes him seemed like a super hero in a Suburban neighborhood, because he probably doesn’t even give a fuck if your lawn sucks. He just hates all the people in the other neighborhood, and you’re average minded enough to just go along with it.

But the Pope is still a symbol of something in middle America that could topple Trump’s influence. That blind acceptance of religion and the admiration for their religious icons, the Pope could make a difference here. It might be the only saving grace the Republican party has.

Pope Francis has called Trump “not a Christian,” for his harsh stance on immigration. He spelled it out plain and simple, that this desire to build walls was not a Christian way.

Trump responded by pointing out the Vatican is surrounded by walls, and in all honesty, that IS a good point, however the average minded may not care.

Individually, we’re caught in a tidal wave of stupidity that we can not control.

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