Kimbo Slice, the south Florida based streetfighter turned pro-fighter has just come off another victory in the world of MMA. Want a recap?

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Kimbo, showing off his peak physical form of just lugging his arm around like the air is made of molasses seems to knock DaDa out with just the smell of his fist, or is there something else a little deeper into this story?

It seems that post fight DaDa5000 (Named for the amounts of time he had heart palpitations) was admitted to the hospital for what appears to have been a minute heart attack.

Now I understand growing up in the world as a young up-and-coming fighter can be intense, but the mere sight of Kimbo Slice should make you question how he keeps his beard so well trimmed, now if you can get him to autograph your face with stitches.

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Scott Tick will always favor one punch knock outs, just like his articles.