Greetings again, it is another beautiful Monday for Shart Daily, I am Magnus Byargenflargen. I took a day last week which is why there was no letter from me, I had an extensive day at the lawyer’s for custody rights and somehow found myself with less custody rights than when I started so that’s good for the paper I suppose, the only child of mine who seems to care.

This week we are launching a revitalizing initiative, 5 new weekly segments to compliment from our stable of very on-par authors. One a day, so make sure to look at our YouTube Channel and subscribe to it.

A bit of a short letter this week, I have to get back to… writing these I suppose.

The word of the day is Surrender: which means to give up completely or concede. To use it in a sentence: “My asshole wife found a loophole in our system and is forcing me to use the word surrender in one of my editors letter.” Context unnecessary.