Denny Hamlin made a crowd full of people cheer in mutual excitement. During the last lap in the Daytona Beach race, Hamlin pushed with all of his force and pulled out a 5 inch climax. The satisfaction splashed over the crowds face.

“Well, I know in the world of pavement the motion of the ocean doesn’t apply, until Ice caps melt and Nascar becomes RAFTCAR or something, I donno, but I think I was able to show today what a little bit of space in a narrow hole can do.”

The commissioner excitably dabbed his face with a napkin as his profuse sweating showed in his shirt. His nerves got the better of him as he had the replay team rewatch it several times insisting that the win was “four and a half inches, not five” After the 5’er was confirmed, he promptly hung himself, as per usual in Nascar.

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Scott Tick speculates as to why there are only white nascar drivers and why this is such a big deal.