Some legislators have redrafted a bill that they’re trying to get established into law. The bill forces companies, like Apple, to weaken security when UK spies need to spy on its citizens for whatever reason.

This is obviously all an elaborate ruse to convince us that the UK doesn’t already spy on our every means of communication. The US has been spying on its citizens for years before the people found out; this UK stuff is probably just a means of saying “hey, we’d like to spy on you guys but not until we pass a law.”

What a laugh. No sane citizen would vote for a candidate that actually supports this crap (except for Fascists, which luckily only take up like 25% of the UK population). The UK government doesn’t care. They’re already spying on us and this bill, when it fails, will trick citizens into thinking that their government isn’t spying on them.

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Dumfa Terde says ‘Fuck that noise!’ but really quiet like.