The popular texting application ‘Whatsapp,’ known for being one of the few wi-fi text services that allows you to keep the nudes, has allowed texts to be transferred over chat! This landmark idea of sending text files through chat is lauded as ‘revolutionary!’

“There we were, hammering out d*** pics to everyone we knew and it suddenly dawned upon us, what if we had conversations too? So we reworked it and it was there the whole time! The base code has these sending files and text capabilities, now we can utilize that.”

The developers are excited at the implications, “Now I can talk about my d*** and elude to my penis in casual conversation.” Users have already begun to now roleplay and send sexy outfits to each other in celebration.

“My name is Danny, but my mom saved my dads name as Daddy so every once in a while I see some of the pics between the two of them. I didn’t know leather could be used in such a way.”

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Taylor Tinker sent this in through WhatsApp, along with a picture of his middle finger and a picture of his c*** for comparison.