Through the cunning use of science a new way to develop batteries has arrived. By using the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, we are able to compress it and turn it into usable, feasible batteries. So we sat down and talked to them!

“So we basically got the idea from your site.”

“You read Shart Daily?”


We laugh for a moment, he put his hand atop my hand. I gently brush it away and it falls to my knee.

“So, what article gave you the inspiration.”

“The one about eating poop being bad for the toilet cause it’s compressed. So we compressed the atmosphere into a working model. It’s all fascinating.”

His hand slides up my leg. I wipe his hand again and cross my legs: no access. He sits back in his chair, clearly disappointed before continuing.

“Look, I’m creating renewable energy and fighting the ozone crisis at the same time, but I only gave you an interview, scratch my back.”

He wasn’t literal about scratching his back, that sounded reasonable. The interview ended there.

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