Like the space races of yore, there will always be trial and error. But SpaceX says trial and error is a method of “Russian Roulette.” The fifth barrel happens to be their blank.

SpaceX has been able to launch a rocket from their pad successfully (despite the burn up on orbit.) This is fantastic news for the world of rockets because soon we will be able to remotely drop the shock troopers we need in order to take the slavs.

“Oh yeah dude, it’s gonna be f******* Starship Troopers in this motherf******” said Elon Musk in an interview.

“Now that we are able to make the falcons rise, we will drop spartans, shock marines, storm troopers, you name it. This is the new intention of space travel, to make cool armor and drop people in it.” An engineer working on the project said.

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Taylor Tinker is totes ready for drop ships and stuff.