In my quest for news to write on, I noticed a particular article that popped in my radar. It utilized the statistic that women make 82 cents per dollar that a man makes. The statistic is a classically politically charged anomaly that explains just how badly a false narrative can become so popular.

While so many variables have helped explained why women make less than men (like the fact that women tend to have lower paying jobs and are also less likely to negotiate for a higher wage and also tend to work part-time instead of full time), it is still pushed that the true reasons in this gap is a nefarious plot of discriminatory patriarchs determined to keep women from making enough to feed their starving families.

While this wage gap could help tackle the real issues, like how young girls are pushed to be more social creatures while young boys are pushed to be more independent creatures, thus driving them more toward particular career paths, it has instead been used as a red herring for plots of twisted psychopaths with a particular hatred of women.

Gosh damn.

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