There’s a new app on the market known as Peeple, which allows you to rate people that you’ve come across in a fashion similar to yelp. This has been met with some pretty harsh criticism so far but personally I f***** love this little b****.

Here’s the best way to make the most out of your Peeple use.

  1. Write Fake S*** about everyone you know – This is pretty simple, no matter if you know them or don’t spam random stuff about how their babies are so ugly they will need to make a separate app called Creeple, just for them.
  2. Make multiple accounts to bolster your opinion – What is a better way to say that Hilary Clinton has a stinky hoo hah than by logging into Bill Clinton, BiIl Clinton, BIII Clinton and Bill CIInton to attest to its accuracy?
  3. Use it to self promote – There’s no better way of starting your Peeple account than by starting your pic with a statement of ‘No Haters Allowed’ and then hating on everyone, be the top rated person on that s**** app, who cares?

Harry Buhte ain’t afraid of anything.