At least, too much for the Cartel to make enough on illegal marijuana.

Recent studies have shown that the amount of green being shipped over the border by the Cartel is less than half than its peak in 2009.

Now that so many states have decriminalized marijuana, people are no longer trying to buy their bud from dealers. Now they just purchase it from their local businesses, putting money into the community as opposed to the blood-thirsty cartels.

Plus, plenty of dealers in border states can probably just buy their shit from people in legal states, thus further reducing the potential for the Cartel to keep their profits up in the States.

If the Cartel loses millions on legal marijuana, what will this say about their actual strength? Will they end up like a post-prohibition mafia, relying on union disputes and prostitution? What if we legalize sex work and distribute resources in a socialist economy? What then of organized crime?

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