Painkillers have recently surpassed all other illegal drugs as the number one killer of American citizens. In order to help alleviate some of the death toll, Elizabeth Warren has come forward to promote ‘Marijuana’ as an alternative. We reached out to her party for a comment but received none, so we asked one of Snoop Dogg’s Crew instead.

“Yo man, like the other day, I hurt my knee, smoked a blunt and it went away, simple as that man and then I also made some bomb a** nachos. Oh s*** can I say a** on TV? This isn’t going to be on TV? Where the f*** will it be then? Online? What kinda busta a** piece of s*** is gonna read articles online?”

This seems to be a unified front for the progression of marijuana in the country but it bares the question, when will okra and nutmeg be legal to sell and smoke on the streets?

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Babbage Chootypoo just doesn’t get it man.