A recent copywright case has given claim that nobody can own their own batmobile unless they receive permission from DC instead. This was taken as a huge blow to the community who are wondering where the line will be drawn for bat paraphernalia. We asked one worker at the recent BatCon in L.A.:

“I have a winged d**** and I need to know whether or not it’s okay for me to sell.”

We stopped talking to him and found somebody else, speaking in the Bale-esque voice:

“You can take the bat out of the mobile but you can’t take the mobile out of the bat.” He then dropped his phone into a giant pile of irony.

My big question is this, if you are going to make the effort to own a batmobile and have it built and all that silly jazz, would it really be that hard to ask DC for permission?

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Harry Buhte is super pissed and does not want anymore bulls*** articles about nerdy stuff.