Edward Snowden and other Tech Icons have launched a campaign with Adblock to spread the word about how big business and the government are constantly recording your s***.

We met up with an “arm of Snowden” which is one of his acolytes of course. Our meeting was across the street from a McDonalds underneath a CCTV station for a small credit union. He stepped out of the shadow, one eye bandaged up and he spoke simply.

“Taylor Tinker, do you watch fart porn?”

The cameraman caught my true reaction, but for some reason the file was deleted.

“No, of course not, I have never watched porn because I am a great example of the writers that work at ShartDaily!”

[The meeting then devolved into a series of “No I don’ts” and “Yes I dos” until Taylor submits that he has watched it “like sometimes, but not all the time, it’s just like…. a one time thing.” to which the Arm of Snowden rebuttaled with “not what your browser history says, that’s not even surveillance, you just don’t delete your browser history.” –Edited by Magnus Byargenflargen (It’s okay if you watch porn dude, I still have some videos of me and my [INFORMATION REDACTED]

More about AdBlock Campaign

Taylor Tinker is super embarrassed, what a nerd.