Twitter has been under a lot of duress recently mainly due to announcing that since their inception, they’ve lost two billion dollars. Where do you lose that much money? I have no idea. However, they are investing more money into their company to keep what remaining talent they have.

Google is offering to throw out a life raft of sorts, but Twitter is a bird, it doesn’t have the hands or arms necessary to pull it’s weight up. The problem with twitter is that 140 characters is not enough to make humans stay and not enough for birds to say what they want. 

Everyone knows that birds can only speak in 140 characters, but the (silent) majority of twitter users are humans who use big words and speak at length about a lot of things. So when Twitter says they need more money all we, as twitterers, hear is “Tweet tweet, I’m a little birdy, I need money.” And nobody is capable of understanding just what the f*** they’re on about.

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Pauly Ridden has no room to talk, he’s still tethered to LinkedIn and that was purely by accident.