” We are women! Hear us roar!” The U.S. Government did. Unveiling later this year will be the first female-oriented, elite task farce (force), the SEALettes!

“We are very excited about our new division, the SEALettes! They will be these rough, tough, rubble-rousing fighter girls and they are going to be super strong.”

The man spoke with fierce passion though it felt subtly undermined by his effeminate voice.

“We are talking about an elite military unit, are we not?”

“Yes sir, these girls will go through all the same training that a normal S.E.A.L. would go through, except we are putting them in the same troupe together, so that all the female trainees can be in one safe spot.”

His voice faltering at the very end of his sentence, eyes shifting. This man was Corky Gozer, the head of the U.S. Navy counter-intelligence division exclusively containing men of a ‘certain sexual distinction.’

“You think that the… Sealettes can perform these high class missions well?”

Gulping and nodding before speaking “Oh absolutely. These women are going to be fully and completely utilized in an effective and dignified manner. They are going to be right there as a choice next to divisions headed by equally qualified men. Excuse me, I believe that is my walkie.”

He picks up the walkie and walked away, we were escorted out a few minutes later by a different operative.

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Drew American knows it was because they were on a NAVY base, but something felt fishy, and it wasn’t his fish sticks.