Now that multiple tests are yielding positive results for the application of medical marijuana such as: Treating EpilepsyMultiple Sclerosisand treating pain in general. Big Pharma have taken the great burden of success on themselves by throwing a celebration.

“Nobody fought harder than we did, nobody did more tests than we did and now that legalization seems less like a dream and more like a reality, nobody is going to price gouge more than we do!”

The last part was relayed in a confusing manner and so we followed up with the spokesperson by asking “What do you mean price gouging, for usage of medical marijuana?” To which the spokeman simply raised two middle fingers up in our faces and yelled.

After the press conference we could make out the spokesperson in his car despite it being clouded with smoke, he managed to roll down the window and threw a few joints (rolled up marijuana cigarettes) at us and yelled “Here, test this, maybe it’ll cure ugly you poor piece of s***!” then drove off in his Ferrari.

Drew American doesn’t quite know how he feels about what happened that night.