Hello again dear readers, Magnus Byargenflargen here giving you a recap of the week before and a look forward to the future, the goals and ideals of this company reflecting in the very words that you read now.

Last week, we officially launches and continued a few of our web series’ designed to stimulate and inspire from our YouTube channel, please head on over and give them a thumbs up and a few million views, that would help our budget extremely.

Next the news for the week, today is officially pi day, a day created by corporate conspirators in order to make us all shift to the ‘not as good as cake’ equivalent of pie. Whoever would eat the flaky, dry, overcooked slice of garbage escapes me.

Finally, the word of the week: Regret, showing trepidation in actions of the past. Ex: “I show absolutely no regret in my choosing to have this divorce. [Because I am a heartless troglodyte.]” – Jessica Samson (Formerly Jessica Byargenflargen)