The government is hammer the developers of WhatsApp to allow them into their encrypted messages and WhatsApp is saying “No Way Jose!”

the resulting conversations are hotly debated and fought for with the department of Justice replying “My name isn’t Jose and we still need those messages.”

So we reached out to the developers for a statement: “We were 100% certain that his name was Jose, maybe it’s John or something, something with a J I’m sure, but we are not giving up our encryption.”

We ended up passing by the department of justice and passed the message along to their reply: “They did not f******* say that! Are you kidding me? Un-f*******-believable. His name is Steve and he’s been trying to get into contact with them for months! They’re giving up on encryption alright!”

Our personal opinion is that encryption should be allowed  to stay regardless of government peer pressure.

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Taylor Tinker is super upset that this article isn’t encrypted.