Anonymous has thrown down its digital gauntlet and sworn to dismantle Donald Trumps entire campaign to prevent him from reaching el white house.

“First we are going to make fun of his toupee’, I mean come on it’s stupid. Next, remember the Donald Drumpf thing? Screw that, we’ll do it better. Hashtag Donald Poop. Done, nobody will take him seriously. Finally, photoshop him with tiny hands and a bib cause he’s a super big baby.”

“…. Is…. Is that it?”

“Is that it?! I’m anonymous!”

“Seriously though? Is that all you have?”

The member types ‘*audible sigh*’ in the chatroom.

“I’m going to dismantle the backend of his campaign websites, redirect all of his donation buttons to planned parenthood and alter his twitter password so all of his tweets end in #KKK. After that we will finish digging up all of his business ventures and do a cash breakdown as to just how much he has lost in mismanaged funds. Are you happy? Is this want you wanted to hear? I was really excited about the Donald Poop thing.”

We let the chat stay for a few minutes in awe, but also unsure as to how true his claims would be.

“You can do all that?”

“Yeah dude, I’m on your Facebook right now, posting dick pics to your moms page.”

We ended the chat shortly after.

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Taylor Tinker had to remove the pictures and explain to his mother that they weren’t his.