Three German universities have shut down prayer rooms that Muslims used, probably because they don’t like Muslims.

Not sure why. There is the whole radical Islam thing, and Germany does have a history of radicals killing a fuck ton of people, so maybe the Germans are just afraid of accidentally being Nazis again?

The Muslims are pretty upset about it. They need to pray to some giant man in the sky that controls everything, and with Germany saying “yeah, you can only do that if he has a son named ‘Hey Zeus’”, they’ll need to start praying elsewhere, like in a regular room not specifically dedicated to prayer.

Germans, Muslims, Christians, journalists, liberals, Nazis, I don’t know what to support anymore. I’m going to take the side of the Muslims just because it’s obviously a racist attempt to keep Muslims out of their Universities. These rooms aren’t hurting anyone. Prepare for that backlash, though. Most Muslims are not radical, however one guy with a bomb strapped to himself is all it takes to send a message.

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Ellen Darude knows what it’s like. To pray and stuff.