Early yesterday morning, Marco Rubio received a package from the future president of the United States, Donald Trump. The package itself, contained Rubio’s Ass, it was being handed to him by the glorious Trump.

That ladies and gentlemen is how Donald Trump secured himself as the dominant front runner for a position he is both most deserving and overly qualified for.

You know what’s great about Donald Trump? When you see him and you think about his campaign, one word comes to mind: Perseverance. This is a man who has almost been attacked, who has had to be made fun of by your peers, who is overcoming all the odds and obstacles presented to him with great ease.

Donald Trump had a wall built around him and he has smashed it down to little bits! That is because when you think about Donald Trump one word comes to mind: Titan. This man is a media and an economic titan and this America needs a man that we can all get behind. I know who my vote is going to be cast for. Donald Trump. Titan. Perseverance. President.

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Charlie Countryguy will stand on Clintons coffee table in his cowboy boots and say ‘Trump.’