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Editors Letter: 3/14/16

Hello again dear readers, Magnus Byargenflargen here giving you a recap of the week before and a look forward to the future, the goals and ideals of this company reflecting in the very words that you read now. Last week, we...

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Editor’s Letter 2/22/16

Greetings again, it is another beautiful Monday for Shart Daily, I am Magnus Byargenflargen. I took a day last week which is why there was no letter from me, I had an extensive day at the lawyer’s for custody rights and...

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Too many eSports!

Scott Tick here reporting that there are officially too many eSports and in order to give a more adequate coverage of it, I have been cleared to jump into the new ‘revitalized’ viral line up. Magnus told me to use...

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Editors Letter 02/01/2016

Today is a brand new day of a brand new month. Here’s the news among the staff here at Shart Daily. Not a crazy amount of videos went up last week, we lost our resources briefly in a scuffle with Google, but we are...

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Editor’s Letter – 2015/25/01

Hello again loyal reader, once again I am Magnus Byargenflargen, editor of ShartDaily. We’ve had a good week, more news stories than we know what to do with and Jim Stickman is doing his best to overcome his crippling...

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Editors Letter (01/18/16)

Hello again, this is Magnus Byargenflargen, here again with the editor’s letter. What a great first week we’ve had back. A few budget setbacks has prevented us from coming full swing and we certainly had our fair...

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Editors Letter (01/11/16)

Greetings, this is Magnus Byargenflargen, editor-in-chief of Shart Daily. We are finally back in syndication after the take down request. We have a lot of great news formats planned for you dear reader. I hope that with time you...

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