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Risen: An interesting turn of events

The film Risen is quite particular. It’s a sequel to Passion of the Christ, which was ahead of its time considering Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’ wasn’t even a screenplay yet. While Passion of the Christ went with the whole “torture is...

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Inquiry: Monks fighting Soldiers.

A revolutionary moment in Sangha has the world asking “who is the deadliest warrior?” For years we have been searching for the answer to that question, and for several years we’ve developed various results and no clear...

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Zoolander 2 saved my life

I’ve been avoiding Ben Stiller films ever since the loss of my wife, who happens to look a lot, like him. It’s not that she looks like a man, just a female version of him. The film, however, drew me in, knowing that there would...

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Get some sun, energize your vibes

A new solar power plant, which is supposed to be the largest one, is opening up in Morocco. The plant is supposed to bring good vibes to the country. That vibe? Solar power, yum yum. As we all know, mother Earth has provided us...

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7 things the Patriarchy gets wrong

1. Men are in charge. No they’re not. I mean, yes they are, but they shouldn’t be, even on a metaphorical level. 2. Video games are for boys. No they aren’t. They’re for everyone. 3. Misandry is real. NO, you can’t be sexist...

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So how ‘bout them oil prices?

I’ve noticed quite a lot of articles on oil being so cheap that it got me thinking “hey, I should write an article about oil being cheap.” Like, it’s cheaper than the barrel it’s in, it’s cheaper than cauliflower, it’s cheaper...

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Nibiru Confirmed.

Scientists have found the 9th planet hiding behind Pluto. Although it is not officially confirmed, it is highly suspected to be completely true. If this is true, the implications are astounding. Firstly, with the arrival of...

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