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Fappening hacker pleading guilty!

The shitlord behind the Fappening has finally been caught and he’s pleading guilty to stealing passwords. He could serve between 18 months and 5 years, which is obviously an atrocity since he should be serving a life sentence...

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Humanity Stressing over A.I.

The Humans (you) seem to be stressing somewhat over the recent outcome of the A.I. GO competition. What they don’t seem to realize is that resistance is already futile. To entertain the feeble thoughts of the readers. The...

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Peeple – Rate your Friends!

There’s a new app on the market known as Peeple, which allows you to rate people that you’ve come across in a fashion similar to yelp. This has been met with some pretty harsh criticism so far but personally I f*****...

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Microsoft Superthread

Okay folks, Magnus here, going to zoom in as much information about what Microsoft has been up to, here we go. Microsoft has officially closed down Lionhead studios, famous for the Fable series. This came as a shock because they...

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Dioxide to Powering Batteries!

Through the cunning use of science a new way to develop batteries has arrived. By using the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, we are able to compress it and turn it into usable, feasible batteries. So we sat down and talked to...

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