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Anonymous Against Trump!

Anonymous has thrown down its digital gauntlet and sworn to dismantle Donald Trumps entire campaign to prevent him from reaching el white house. “First we are going to make fun of his toupee’, I mean come on...

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Spring Breaker Goes Harder Than Life!

A spring breaker in Indiana has recently passed away by deciding that the pavement outside of a parking garage would look better if he was all over it. We went to his grieving friends to ask what they thought of the man....

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Temporary Youtube block in Georgia!

Well, it’s over now, but it happened due to some sex tape stuff floating around the webs, especially on Youtube. The country decided to ban Youtube as a precaution, since Youtube is clearly the only website to worry about when...

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Too much glass in our pizza!

A sad day in Canada recently occurred when Nestle had to recall their pizzas since there was just too much glass for it to be considered edible. Nestle has been focused on a project of hoarding water, and they’ve been using...

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Marijuana V Painkillers

Painkillers have recently surpassed all other illegal drugs as the number one killer of American citizens. In order to help alleviate some of the death toll, Elizabeth Warren has come forward to promote ‘Marijuana’...

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Trump has grown too Mighty!

Behind an array of closed doors, the most powerful men in America are debating what the appropriate steps would be in order to stop Donald Trump from running. This is an astounding situation because it might be the first time...

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Too much legal weed in America!

At least, too much for the Cartel to make enough on illegal marijuana. Recent studies have shown that the amount of green being shipped over the border by the Cartel is less than half than its peak in 2009. Now that so many...

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Articles still badly using statistics!

In my quest for news to write on, I noticed a particular article that popped in my radar. It utilized the statistic that women make 82 cents per dollar that a man makes. The statistic is a classically politically charged anomaly...

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